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  1. Its 30 days. I had mine just a few days after the 30 day window when I finally got around to filling it. I basically got an almost free tank out of it tho, just the price of new silicone. OMG hahaha. I had my husband pick them up for me....the 29 gallon was cracked. 🤣
  2. I ended up getting another 10 and a 29 😄
  3. So I just received some Rice Fish eggs Im hoping to hatch. When you say "hairs" like moldy eggs? Or the filament that sticks the eggs to the mop/plants? The bottom right side of your picture looks like filament? I just watched a video about this, so Im curious. The gentleman said when he collects the eggs, he cleans the filament from them.
  4. Old post, but....the sale is here again. I purchased a 40 breeder last sale. Filled it, it leaked. I contacted Aqueon. Sent them all the purchase info, pics of my stand and a picture of the sticker on the bottom corner. They refunded me. I resealed the area that was leaking. Its been a year now and its been fine. Time to buy a few more? 🙂
  5. @Colu I want to thank you again. My female pleco survived. She really turned around once I got the Maracyn two in there. She has a few more days of treatment, but all the white stuff is gone and shes on the mend! 🙂
  6. @ColuThats good to know! Ive never had an issue with snails either... I have siphoned the top of sand in case theres something I am just not seeing, I did find a freeze dried krill wedged between some plants. Hopefully I got all the nasties out of there thats causing the explosion of illness. I still have two live fish...Im keeping my fingers crossed. EDIT: One pleco still hanging on. EDIT: Reading thru the article you sent me. I think I might know why this happened. I recently rinsed out my HOB and also had mulm on my sand (which I did not siphon out when I did my filter...which I never have done in the 4 years the tank has been up, but I will from now on) on top of that, I did have some uneaten food I found stuck between some plants. I think the combo of all the things might be why it attacked my poor fishes. I appreciate the time you took out of you day to help educate me on this.
  7. @Colu Good information, thank you. Theres only 4 fish in, 2 - 4in pleco and 2- leopard bush fish about 4in and 5in. A week ago there was the two pleco and 5 juvenile kribensis. Its (48 gallon) and I have two filters, a HOB and a sponge. I tend to feed every other day. Im wondering if it may be my snail population? Recently they have multiplied a bit. Thanks again for all your help.
  8. @Colu Thank you. Another question, if you know the answer. What would cause this outbreak? The fish I moved from the tank where sick boy is are all fine. And he was fine before I moved him into this tank. It all manifested about 5 days after he was moved. And he also got my plecos that were already in the tank sick. I thought maybe stress from moving him, but that doesnt really explain the tankmates also getting ill. * on a sidenote, he has been moved a few times and has always been unbothered. Thx again 🙂
  9. @ColuThank you for the help. I did a dose of Ich X yesterday because I thought thats what it was. This morning when I woke up he didnt look any better so I dosed with Maracyn and Paracleanse. I dont think he is going to make it, but I also have a female in there and one more pleco, so fingers crossed they will pull thru. Ive never experienced this, it sure runs them down very fast. I also turned the heater off and added a small amount of cooler water. Temp is about 76 atm. Edit: I only have regular Maracyn. Is KanaPlex and good in this situation? I also have that on hand.
  10. Thank you. He is not eating. I will dose the tank. I feel so bad, he keeps jumping out of the water and slamming his head on the lid 😞
  11. The spots look decently flatish, but he also has this white fluffy stuff on his fins and coming from his mouth when he "coughs" Im also seeing this weird looking stuff on some of my plants now, you can see it in the video. Ill add a video and picture.
  12. Water parameters looks good. They are the same in both tanks. Story. I swapped some fish from one tank to the other. All the fish from tank A (the one where my sick fish is now) are all fine and happy in tank B ( where my now sick fish was originally) My Leopard fish, over the course of two days got very agitated then developed white spots and is now laying on the bottom of the tank. The plecos that were already in there also got white spots and one died this morning. Does anyone might know what this is? I move fish around often in my tanks and have never had this happen. Thank you.
  13. I purchased two heaters. One for my 75 gallon and one for my 10 gallon quarantine tank. Both are working great, keeping both tanks at 75 degrees F. I keep my home thermostat at about 70-72. 😄
  14. I bought these to connect my python to my sink.
  15. Thank you everyone!! Im not going to add them 🙂
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