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  1. I put in less food over the last week and surprise, surprise, there's less of them.
  2. thanks @Guppysnail I agree they look like daphnia. I'll start off by feeding less, it's only 5 shrimp and a crayfish in the tank. Not counting the snails and daphnia.
  3. I was hoping to put rice fish fry in the tank. But they aren’t breeding yet. Maybe it’ll sort itself out once I get eggs on the mop.
  4. Is this infurosa? Is it going to hurt my shrimp? Small video https://photos.app.goo.gl/CHL45beGmKGR7gjN8
  5. I like the coaster idea, I'll give that shot and report back. I can't buy a pool noodle for $20 on amazon when they're like $5 in season.
  6. Hi, I live in the midwest, since it's November here and 25 degrees this morning. Pool noodles are long gone. Is there something else people use the make the ricefish mops?
  7. The leeches lay eggs, which survive the treatment. So you have to keep the treatment going while the eggs incubate, then you have to kill those leeches.
  8. I used Panacur C to get rid of leeches in my tank. I put 1 packet into a jar with 100ml of water. Then dosed 10ml on the following schedule. This did kill my pest snails as well. Shake the jar and use a syphon/syringe to get 10ml out. A pharmacy can give you a child dosing syringe. Initial dose 24 hours later 48 hrs later 7 days after initial dose 7 days 7 days 1 month after last dose 1 month 1 month I didn't do any water changes along the way, to keep the medicine in there. Hope this helps.
  9. That makes sense, being on a well.
  10. I'll update this. The Pancur-C appears to have worked. Haven't seen any leeches. It did prove to be fatal to the ramshorn snails as well.
  11. Yes, I set a timer on my phone to be sure. I've repeated the test with the same results. It's been 24 hours and all the fish are acting fine. Seems like nothing to be concerned with at this point.
  12. Any ideas why hardness is gray? I've seen other threads that it will turn pink after a GK of 300... does it go gray after that? I'm usually in the high end of hard water, so I guess my concern is that my water didn't crash below soft.
  13. Well, a few 80° days forecasted next week. I’m going to let it ride another week.
  14. Mine are fine with gravel substrate. I think I have 9, had them for 18 months now.
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