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  1. I have made considerable progress. I found a local fish store and talked to some people there. My pump, filter, and UV clarifier are large enough for my pond. Short of emptying all the water and cleaning it out, which I prefer not to do, the water is slowly clearing up. I’ve been feeding the fish, but I’m not sure how much to feed them. I’ve got about 20ish 3-4in gold fish. I just have a generic pond food that’s a mix of pellets, flakes, and freeze dried little critters. How much and how often should I be feeding them? Thanks!
  2. I was thinking the plants would help shade the pond. Nice to know that my logic is good. I think the filter they left behind might have a UV filter, but I’ll look into that. Thank you!
  3. Great info! Thank you! That would explain why the lily pads look so beat up! I’ve never had, but I heard they’re hard on plants…at least ones that are planted. Are floating plants better? I think all the ones you mentioned were floating. Now I need to figure out where to buy them here! 🤣
  4. We moved into a rental house that has an established pond with goldfish. Maybe 8-10 but I’m not sure bc there is so much algae in the water I can’t really see. I think there’s a filter but I need to get it up and running. I prefer not to dump a bunch of chemicals in the pond to fix it. I know it’s not extra food bc the house sat vacant for a month and the previous tenants said the fish lived off the bugs and such with no feeding. I do know our water is REALLY hard. (We live in Belgium so I don’t have the same options as if we were in the states.) I want to start by getting the filter running and adding more plants to help with water quality. Don’t have a test kit yet to give any water parameters. The pond is an odd oblong shape. Half of it is waist deep and the other half is knee deep. It’s probably 10 feet long and 5 feet wide…ish. (Picture with reference to my kiddos) My only fish experience is with a 15 gal tank my daughter had! Any helpful suggestions are welcome! (What type of plants, what else I can do to clear up the water, etc)
  5. My son just has the betta and some snails. My daughter has cardinal tetras, snails (a zillion hitch hiker snails Plus a few we bought). She’s also got a few more tetras and panda Corydoras in our quarantine tank right now!
  6. Some of my are definitely more pronounced than others. They’re the bigger ones, so I think maybe they’re doing the lions share of the eating. I’m kinda excited to see how mine like the peas.
  7. We had a large rams horn snail that was floating in my daughters tank one morning. I panicked until he just floated himself to the glass and went on with his day! 🤣
  8. I’ve noticed that in some of my cardinal tetras. I first noticed it after we had been out of town and I left one of those holiday feeding cubes out for them. I’m wondering if it’s overeating and if maybe they had trouble digesting the cube (which also tripled my kH by the way!!!). We haven’t fed them for a day or two and it does seem to have helped a bit. I read that you can feed them peeled peas so I’m going to try that and see if it helps. Good luck!
  9. We got my kiddos fish tanks this summer. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but I love research so I’m really enjoying it! We finally cycled the ranks and are slowly adding fish. My daughters 15 gallon has cardinal tetras and snails. Our quarantine tank has newly acquired panda cory’s and two more cardinal tetras to add to my daughters tank. My son’s tank has snails and a new blue and red Betta named Optimus Prime. Glad to be here and learn more!
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