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  1. My 90 gallon tank has been presenting some problems lately. The angelfish I only recently bought appears bloated. Could this be constipation? I'm hesitant to say it's dropsy because the scales don't appear to be splaying out. I also find it hard to believe that the issue is overfeeding, the angel is competing with my silvertip tetras, so it doesn't exactly get a chance to gorge itself. What's the best course of action here? Additionally, one of my peppered cories has been laying on its side today, and clearly breathing quite heavily. When I got a better look I noticed a red blotch on its underside. Is it possible this is ammonia burn? My Parameters: pH = 7 Nitrate = 5ppm Nitrite = 0ppm Ammonia = 0ppm Temp = 26°C
  2. Here are some other pics I’d taken earlier, maybe two weeks ago. The affected areas definitely seem smaller at that time. I had been treating with meds, but it hadn’t seem to make a big impact, and I’ve since run out.
  3. Hoping somebody can assist in diagnosing and recommending a process to rectify this issue, really want to nurse her back to health. I've been treating with bacterial meds and have observed no real change. Any advice or insight is appreciated, cheers.
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