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  1. Just guppies now as the shrimp died. I have three tanks. This tank has been going for 9 months. I have two female tanks and one male. Cory catfish in my other female tank.
  2. Sorry it's really difficult to get the shot. Can you see now. I have done one from above and another from the side. I did treat the tank for worms but I think they are too many of them, help
  3. I have a fish that, with 6 other girls ate a few worms about 6 months ago as we bought shrimps that gave us tge worms and whatever else. Anyway she now has a big blood spot on her side and looks like she is going to explode, help My tank has 0 Ammonia sometimes low level result. No nitrite and low nitrate. PH is 7.6
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