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  1. @Cory This makes me want to run sponge filters.
  2. I just got this kit installed. It moves WAY MORE water than the sponge filter without this kit. Very impressed. Another excellent (and INEXPENSIVE!) product from Aquarium Coop. I gotta say @Cory, you saw a need in the hobby I didn't know I had, and filled it. Now I'm not going to run a sponge filter without one of these things.
  3. Why is this video unlisted? Maybe another channel on YouTube with videos about your products?
  4. I watched Cory's video on using a ziplok bag to get the sponge filter out of the water without throwing a ton of debris out of it. One thing I would like is some kind of 'cage' around the sponge. Doesn't need to be anything fancy. Just something to let me wrap my hand around it without touching the sponge. That would make it easier to reposition it, and possibly get it out of the tank without needing to wrap a bag around it.
  5. I have a bunch of the coop never clog airstones. And they clog. You can easily disassemble them and clean the felt pads and they come back to life. But it's a bit of a pain. I assume with these new rings, if they ever "clog," it's just mineral deposits and I can just soak them in some vinegar to bring them back to life?
  6. I can't believe no one has thought of this sooner.
  7. So, you can get the kit on an ATI sponge filter. It's a little tight, but it's not too bad. Excuse the mess in my basement.
  8. Package arrived today, and it included both upgrade kits I ordered. So, looks like the upgrade kits are shipping even though the website says they're not.
  9. @Cory Can I swap the Sponge between an ATI and a Coop filter? That may be the better way to go.
  10. Is there a reason the upgrade kits are not shipping?
  11. I placed an order for 2 kits and a sponge filter. The sponge filter shipped, but the upgrade kits have not. I like that you eliminate the need for an airstone if you use these kits? Anyone know if these will fit on other brands of sponge filters? I currently have an Aquarium Technologies coarse sponge filter I have been running for years that I would love to retrofit with one of these. I have a Coop sponge filter also, but that's in a box. This one is running and seeded. Did Aquarium Coop make a video about these? I can't find one on YouTube.
  12. I was setting up a new 55 gallon aquarium last night and I noticed I have 2 different air stones. One has 2 blue pads with the plastic disc between them. The other ones have 3 green pads with plastic discs between each pad. So, why the difference? Also, should I take the blue air stone and add a plastic disc and pad to it, to give it the same setup as the green one?
  13. My basement can get down to 68°F in the winter (on really cold days 66°F) and I keep my tanks at 78°F. In the winter, my living room is at 70°F, with it going down to 68°F during work hours when nobody should be home. Every online calculator I use for a 29 gallon tank tells me, in the winter, I will need to use a 150W heater for a 29 gallon tank, and at least 225W for a 55 gallon tank. I had a 100W heater in the basement 29 gallon tank, and in the winter I struggled to keep the water up to temperature.I guess I could keep 1 100W heater in there in the Spring, summer and fall and only throw a second one in for the winter months. I know basement 55 gallon NEVER got up to temperature in the winter with a 200W heater in there. I had to throw another 100W heater in there. The problem with this is price. One 300W heater is a LOT cheaper than 3 100W heaters of any brand. I don't mind putting 2 heaters in a tank. But putting 3 is more than I will deal with. Speaking of margets... If I glued some epoxied magnets to the back of the heater, would it mess with the thermostat?
  14. I have 2 29 gallon tanks and 2 55 gallon tanks. Every calculator I do tells me I need 150 watts for the 29 gallon and 250 watts for the 55 gallon. I really don't want to run 3 heaters in the 55 gallon.
  15. I got 2 100W Aquarium Coop headers in the mail yesterday and I thought I would offer some comments: I wish there was a 200W model. I know that branding is important. But I wish the white Aquarium Coop logo was in dark grey instead of white. It would help hide it in the tank. Rather than use suction cups, I would prefer something more secure, such as possibly a magnet (like the Zoo Med MagClip®) or some kind of rod that clips to the edge of the tank. Opinions?
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