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  1. I had no idea that neocaridina shrimp could breed so small! I got my shrimp as juveniles at less than 1/2 an inch, and now I've already got one berried. (to be fair though- she only has around 2-4 eggs, and they look like they barely fit lmao). I zoom out for scale!
  2. I've just recently gotten into the hobby, and right now I've got a 10 gallon with a female betta and some inverts, a small tub i'm using as a nursery for some spore-lings and cuttings from other plants in my aquarium, and a larger tub I'm starting to turn into an indoor mini-pond! I've recently returned to college and have little to no free time, but doing all of these little start ups that can grow over time has been great! I'm a bio major and can't help but read articles about fish physiology and water parameters, I hope to learn a lot and one day play around with some tricky-to-breed fish.
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