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  1. I've watched some diy videos. Is probably just buy a system because then I know I'm doing it right and not messing things up lol. I got a meter thing today and some liquid co2 stuff to see if it helps and make sure that's what is definitely wrong before investing.....
  2. Ok, seems my tank has a problem clearly with the title of this post. So my question is, is there any way to fix this without use of extra stuff? I really do not want to invest in a co2 kit for my little 10 gallon tank so thought I'd ask here. My plants have developed a powdery white substance on their leaves and that's the only issue I can find that signals this symptom. I'm still new to plant keeping but would like to have them thrive of course. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  3. Ok, so I know in his video on the tips and tricks on aquarium filters he goes over some of the issues with this filter and does not like it in general but I still have questions and you all may be able to help me with this. The video name that I watched is Aquarium Filter Tips and Tricks! Start Saving Money Now! if anyone wants to watch it to see what I am referring to. Thank you all in advance, Proceed to questions. So first things first, the sponge he puts on the intake, it would still leave a hole in the bottom of it to suck up the fish so I was wondering what I could use to block this hole or if there was a specific way to plug it safely and easily? I'm sure I could rig it on my own but I don't wanna make matters worse. Also, On the sponges he places in the back of the filter instead of the cartridges that come with it or are designed for it, how often should I clean them? Should I do one at a time like once a week do a sponge or just clean them all at once every month? Promise last question, ok for the bio wheels, are they necessary? Should I worry about it if they wear out and get replacements or just remove them and let things go?
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