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  1. That's a pretty good solution... I like it!! Thank you!!
  2. I've got a sprayer bar on my canister filter's outlet, but it sits about three inches below the surface and even though I have the output angled upwards, it isn't agitating the water as much as I'd like. It used to, but I increased the water level since starting this tank. It is a planted tank with the usual culprits like anubias, anakaris, jade, jade moss and a large sword plant. The fish are a variety of neons, a variety of plecos, and three dwarf gouramis. It is a 70-75 gallon tank. I currently have an airstone going, but I really don't consider that ideal and I consider it a temp fix. So finally my question is should I consider a wavemaker for surface agitation? It seems the jury is out on having one in a planted tank and also what hours it should be run if used. Would love some good advice 🙂
  3. The flower has closed now. It wrapped around the stigma/style, but here are the pictures I took before it closed.
  4. It doesn't look like that, but appears similar in size. I'll attempt to post a pic
  5. My anubias bloomed!! Looks great. It was a big surprise. Now I wonder, what should I do? Will it produce seeds? How to collect them and use them? What triggered the bloom? Is that a good sign? As you can see, I do have some black beard algae. I'm going to try some of the fish that Aquarium Co-op suggests to eat that off. Unfortunately most of those fish can't be found here in Clarksville, Tenn. I would post a picture, but I don't have an URL... it's on my harddrive.
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