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  1. Thank you 🙂 I was thinking the same about the lights to help ease the algae. But omg phosphates are so confusing... If I take it down to zero that would be bad right? Isn't phosphorus a nutrient the plants need? I was on here a few months back talking about all my green spot algae, and I was told to boost phosphates. So confusing...
  2. I'm not sure why, but my anubias are getting terrible pinholes and algae. I have two and both look about the same. I thought maybe I had a nutrient deficiency, but if anything I need a water change because my nitrates are at about 80ppm. Phosphates are pictured as well, but I'm not too sure how to dial those in. Too low is bad and too high is also bad... I also dose Potassium, as I have read that can be a common deficiency. Light schedule pictured as well. Thanks to all!
  3. Just finished pruning pretty heavily. One plant (in front) was pinholes and rotted leaves throughout, though this was the much smaller plant, almost overshadowed by the big one. The big plant I would say is 75% gone. Hoping it wasn't too much... Thanks to all who helped
  4. Should I remove all the way to the base, or just the damaged part (roughly the top half or so)?
  5. I have a great big sword in my 54g. I'm not sure what kind; it has a little red tint but it isn't a red melon. If anything it just looks like an Amazon with some red if that matters. In any case, the old growth leaves are all wasting away. It started slowlyas some pinholes here and there, and I have been trying to stop it since it started but I can't seem to get it right. I've done two rounds of root tabs a few weeks apart, as well as regularly dosing Easy Green and supplemental potassium (which I read can cause the pinholes). I also have some pinholes on my red crypts and my lily, so I think it has to be some nutrient deficiency, but I have added a bunch of root tabs over time, plus the tank itself has an organic soil base under the substrate which i had hoped would last. If you look at the second image you can see there is healthy new growth. I'm wondering if the damage to the old growth is done and I should just prune heavily or what. Thanks for your help 🙂
  6. Thanks all. I will keep this in mind for the future. As for now, I went down today and all the eggs are gone. Looks like someone had a little snacky snack...
  7. That would be an undertaking. Right now the community tank is a 54g. How much room would a pair of angels need alone? Could you do it with a 40 long?
  8. I have two angelfish in my community tank. I never knew if they were males, females or a pair. They share the tank with a variety of community fish including swordtails, harlequin rasboras, a cleanup crew and two pearl gouramis. Sometime yesterday one of them seems to have laid a large clump of eggs on a great big Amazon sword. I wouldn't know what type of eggs they are, but for the behavior of the angels this morning. They are absolutely terrorizing everyone in the tank, particularly the poor gouramis. How long will be acting like this? Will these eggs hatch? Any advice for what to do in general? Thanks all!
  9. Muchos Garcias 🤙 I don't think EI dosing is for me. Mandatory, weekly 50% WCs just doesn't fit my lifestyle 🤣 But I do plan on doing one this weekend, at which point I will try dosing Easy Green to 20ppm nitrate as recommended and see where it gets me. I'll manipulate parameters from there if needed.
  10. It's weird... a lot of internet sources say high phosphates cause algae. Here is a top google result. Other results say it can be too low or too high. My test showed ~2ppm, and this site calls 3ppm "much too high." So suffice to say, I'm confused. All the plants are doing great, so honestly I hesitate to add more ferts. I will stick with the reduced photoperiod for a while, throw in a water change and see how I do. I'll report back for anyone interested. Thanks all 🙂
  11. How do you increase phosphate? Is that in the Easy Green?
  12. Yes, I am using Easy Green a couple times a week. I do use root tabs as well, but only to get things established. The tank has a potting soil base for root feeders after they establish.
  13. I am in what I think is the early-ish stages of a green spot outbreak. I am hoping that, maybe if I list some parameters, perhaps one of you kind folks will lead me in the right direction 🙂 Some stats: pH - 7.5 Ammonia and nitrite - 0ppm Nitrate - 10ppm Phosphate - 2ppm I had blackbeard growing for a while, but that seemed to go away when I increased the light intensity by adding a second light. My tank is a corner, so it's deep. The BBA went away for the most part, but now I'm getting this green spot. It's on a bunch of anubias and sword leaves. I dose Easy Green and Liquid Carbon a couple times a week, but nitrates never really go up. Lights were on a siesta with two five-hour stints, but I recently dropped it to two fours. Thanks 🙂
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