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  1. Yeah sorry I was talking about discus im in the middle of setting up a 32 gal flex and trying to decide on a nice community style tank but hoping for a pair of fish as a center piece
  2. Any thoughts on maybe a pair in a 32 gal flex looking for some advice
  3. Alright coop folks im upgrading from a well established flex 15 to a flex 32.5 and I dont really have a way of having them both set up so I think I'm going to do a straight swap and treat it like a 50 percent change but transfer everything mechanical filtration c nodes gravel plants and all The part that worries me is my blue phantom pleco im not sure how he will handle the transfer especially since last time I tried to catch him he jumped straight out of the tank and about 4 feet across the room... Any advice. I know ideally it would be best to set up the 32 in advance and use part of my media to cycle it but its simply not possible
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