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  1. Thats the same thought process I had going on lol. Thanks for the tip
  2. I have recently ordered silver tip and ember tetras. The way I understand it fish are purged before shipping and of course don't eat during transit. It is suggested to not feed your fish the first 4 to 5 days when giving the QT trio. My question is should I take a few days to feed them before starting the QT trio? Would they be ok with 4 to 5 more days of fasting if I instantly started the quarantine meds?
  3. Thanks. Thats kind of what I was beginning to suspect. At the same time I hate to stop treatment too early if it is ich. Any suggestions in that aspect?
  4. I've been treating the white spot on his tail as ich for about 5 days and have seen no change. Any input or suggestions. PH-7.4 no ammonia no nitrite 10ppm nitrate 7dkh and 80°F
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