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Found 5 results

  1. pH - 7.6 Nitrates - 20ppm Hardness - 370ppm Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH/Buffer - 230ppm Water Temperature - 78 F My oscar has had this cyst/tumor like spot for a while now. Is it serious? What's it called?
  2. hello... I am a beginner fish owner, and I have no idea what I am doing!! This pleco was going to get thrown in the trash so instead I kept it, and the plan was to give it to petco or somewhere they would take it and have proper care for it. But because covid that isn’t the case. So now this pleco has a bubble infected thing on his belly and I have no idea what to do!!! And has brown spots in its mouth and I don’t know if that’s normal... If you can please help me figure out how to get rid of it and make my pleco better, it would be so appreciated!
  3. I've been treating the white spot on his tail as ich for about 5 days and have seen no change. Any input or suggestions. PH-7.4 no ammonia no nitrite 10ppm nitrate 7dkh and 80°F
  4. Hi all, The tank is roughly 10 gallons (42 litres) and planted, I've got 4 female guppy's, 3 leopard Danios (was 4), 1 baby pleco and some (6) guppy fry. I treated the tank for fin for with aquarium salt roughly 2 weeks ago, I've done 2 30% weekly water changes since dosing. The fish all look healthy and aren't showing any signs of fin rot anymore and look all healed up. I did the second water change on Thursday and then Friday evening I noticed one of my Danios had died, his belly was open and looked as though it had ruptured. I checked the fish after the water change and watched them eat, they all looked healthy (including the danio that died and there were no signs of dropsy or a large stomach so no indication of what caused this death). I checked the water parameters and they are all good (ammonia -0ppm, nitrites - 0.25ppm and nitrates 10ppm). Today, when feeding the fish I noticed one of the Danios had what looked like a cyst/blister on its lip that appeared out of no where. None of the other fish are showing any indication of this ( I've included images to help). Sorry if the images aren't very clear, this is the best I could do with the danio they're so quick! Does anyone know what could have caused this and how I should treat it? Also should I isolate the danio or treat the whole tank? Thank you 🙂 Arthur
  5. Hello One of my 4 Corys has developed a lump right below his mouth. I feel like it's size increases and reduces on its own. This is also my smallest Cory and I am always a bit concerned with him ever since I have bought it home. It is one on the left side in the photo. Tried my best with the picture. Thanks. Parameters: 30G tank planted tank (swords, water sprite, dwarf hairgrass, frog bits) PH- 7.0 to 7.2 Ammonia- Somewhere between 0 and 0.25ppm. I can’t really can’t make out for sure if it is 0.25 on the chart. I am regular with my water changes though. Nitrite- 0 Nitrate- Between 0 to 5ppm.
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