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  1. mine haven't taken to it yet. I put it on top of the ornamental branch and two spots on the gravel.. but mine broke up and was vacuumed when i cleaned it this weekend....i was hoping my snails and pleco and corys esepcially but the betttas pigged themselves out on it. I have a male and 2 females in the tank too.
  2. ok the neon tetras just spit it back out. was hoping the snails would and sucker fish would enjoy. I will try 2 tablespoons... the cory's were not interested either... maybe they are spoiled too, i feed flake, insect pellet, dehydrated blood worms, shrimp pellets, betta floating food, and alage wafers. I already lost my clown pleco so i was hoping this would help...
  3. I mixed up 1 tablespoon with 3 tablespoons of boiling water of Repashy gel food. The community food one set up but it broke up very easily in the tank and the tetras and guppies don't like it and when i vacuumed the gravel it seemed most of it fell through. the bettas seemed to like it. I wanted it for my communiuy fish. But not impressed at all.... Did i put to much water in it.... or my fish just don;t like it? can i return it?
  4. I have a 29 gallon and have used under gravel for a 20 years. cheaper and seem to work okay. But after watching the video about spnge filters i was wondering if they would be easier than vacuuming every other week? I have plants which seems to disrupt them. I only have a bout 1 inch or so of gravel so the under gravel can pull it through better. If i were to change to sponge to keep from having to vacuum or am I still going to be vacuuming the tank?
  5. they will get enough greens from community? it looked really interesting on your post today.
  6. I have 4 snails and a bristle nose but just lost my clown pleco. I have guppies and bettas in the tank with some neon tetras. 3 corys i was putting wafers in the tank but for some reason i lost my clown pleco. i dont know if he starved or not. but i saw the ad for the replesha gel food but dont know which to get I feed right now flake or freeze dried blood worm or shrimp pellets, or insect food. i try to mix it up. But for some reason the clown pleco died. Would i use the super green replesha super green or the community fish one. I tried the alage wafers but i dont think they liked them
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