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  1. That's what I was thinking of doing but I wasn't exactly too sure how effective that would be.
  2. Since I live in Canada, all antibiotics for fish have been pulled from the shelves at my local fish stores. I can't seem to find info on an alternative approach for treating bacterial infections. Sadly, I have an outbreak happening in one of my tanks. Does anyone know what I can use?
  3. Hi guys, So I have a female purple mosaic guppy (aka Big Mama) that gave me a largest fry drop I've ever had, +40 or more. I'm interested in seeing what their coloration is considering I had platinum gold and purple mosaic males in with her. Does anyone know of any information regarding females holding onto the sperm from two different strains and/or the sperm from two different strains combining together with the eggs? If anyone had any insight into this, let me know! Alia
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