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  1. Hello! I would love some assistance and help getting me pointed in the right direction for my platy juveniles. I have a 20 gallon high that I have a mix of platties with green lantern and blue backgrounds breeding. When I bought the assortment of platties, a few of the females were already pregnant and two of the juveniles have developed 1-3 mm diameter, red raised nodular masses on their tail fins. At first, there was no change in the fin surrounding the masses, but now there is a thin, white rim around the masses. It honestly looks like some Tetra color granules are stuck on their fins. None of the adults or any of the other younger fish have any clinical signs. My nitrites and ammonia have been zero. Nitrates the last couple months have been around 20 but occasionally spike up to 40. We change about 25-50% water changes weekly, so it is possible that we could have missed a nitrite spike in the past. pH is 7.8 and though I don't know are specific hardness or total solutes of our water, we live in Florida so we have pretty hard water. I would appreciate any ideas on what might be going on. Is this a poor water quality issue that I just haven't documented causing a fungal or bacterial infection? Or is this some other parasite? My internet searches for red masses has not yielded anything useful. I tried my best to get some good pics, but let me know if I need to try to getter better pics. Thanks so much! Big fan of the channel and store! Serena
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