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  1. i thought bristlenose are mostly vegetarian, However im slightly happier about bottom scratcher because it does have algea ingrediants in it.
  2. i have some repashy bottom scratcher coming today The fish ill be feeding it to are bolivam rams, bronze cories, java loaches and a bristlenose im now reading that this is a more carnavoirous food and i should maybe hav went with solient green or morning wood my pleco doesnt really like algea wafers and vegetables and goes for fluval bug bites i put in for rams and corys. the bristlenose also seems to like frozen foods will bottom scratcher cause the pleco problems since 45 percent protein its not going to be all it eats im worried itll get constapated Whst sbout the other fish mentioned? Also should i ground up algea wafers and add them to the repashy? and How do i make it ive ordered the smallest pot?
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