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  1. Current state of the tank. Water parameters seem to be pretty stable now too. Its been exactly 2 weeks since set the tank up
  2. @JoeQ It's really tough dealing with these diatoms, and it's getting pretty frustrating. I'm thinking about putting in some hornwort since it grows fast and might fight off the diatoms for nutrients, hopefully knocking them back. But then, I've heard that adding hornwort might just give the diatoms more places to stick to. Also, my nerite snail and oto don't seem to be munching on the diatoms at all
  3. Going through this too.. My diatoms are pearling 😭
  4. I'm reaching out for some advice on managing diatoms in my week-old tank. Despite having 0 nitrite and 0 ammonia with nitrate levels around ~20ppm, I'm facing a persistent diatom issue. I've been conducting 30-50% water changes using Fritz enzyme and just added a CO2 system at approximately 1 bubble per second. To combat the diatoms, I introduced a nerite snail, but after a day, there hasn't been much change—I know it's early, but I'm a bit anxious. I've been using an all-in-one liquid fertilizer and initially had my lights on for 10 hours daily, which I've started to reduce in hopes of controlling the situation. Could the lighting be a contributing factor, or is there something else I might be missing? I'm looking for any tips or shared experiences that might help get these diatoms under control. Thank you in advance for your insights!
  5. It seems to be similar to the 2nd picture in the care guide for Nerite snails here: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/nerite-snail-care 😭
  6. Hello everyone, I recently visited Petco to add a Nerite snail to my aquarium, aiming to help with algae control. I asked for a Nerite snail, and this is what I brought home.Since I'm not entirely sure if this is indeed a Nerite snail, I'm reaching out for yall's expertise to confirm its identity. I've attached a picture of the snail below. Can anyone here help me verify if this is a Nerite snail? Any tips for distinguishing characteristics would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance for your help!
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