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Is This a Nerite Snail? Identification Help Needed!

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Hello everyone,

I recently visited Petco to add a Nerite snail to my aquarium, aiming to help with algae control. I asked for a Nerite snail, and this is what I brought home.Since I'm not entirely sure if this is indeed a Nerite snail, I'm reaching out for yall's expertise to confirm its identity. I've attached a picture of the snail below. Can anyone here help me verify if this is a Nerite snail?

Any tips for distinguishing characteristics would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you in advance for your help!


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saying something is or isn't a nerite is like saying it is or isn't a tetra. There are many species, many of which are never found in the hobby. The species vary greatly in appearance and size. we're all so used to the tiger nerites and tire tracks, we don't appreciate how many others there are. 

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