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  1. I had collected some Amazon frog bit from my local fish store, and now they are starting to look like they are almost dying, I understand it could be new water parameters
  2. This question had me scratching my head, I had recently found out that my local aquarium store carries pea puffers, but I’ve heard many times that they should be kept alone, one is fine for a 5 gallon, but do they really create enough bio load to sustain a 5 gallon?
  3. Yeah, it’s kind of strange, because yesterday and today I have zero nitrites and nitrates, also no ammonia, i’m trying to get some drop tests
  4. I have only started my tank last Wednesday, I think that I should note that I have fluval bio stratum, I dosed my tank with the proper amount of fastart f on Wednesday then on Thursday, Around that time I was seeing a little bit of ammonia, then yesterday, and today I noticed that nitrates are starting to show up, and now a little bit of nitrites are also showing up. I’m not new to cycling aquariums, but this is the only tank I have right now, it’s a 5 gallon tank with some dwarf Sag, Anubias, Java fern, water sprite and plan to put some water Wisteria,
  5. Yeah, I was thinking the same getting some liquid tests,
  6. My water parameters have literally changed overnight, the KH,GH and PH were very high and now they are somewhat medium to low, also my TDS when I set up my tank yesterday was 330+ now it’s 280+, I have no idea how this even happened
  7. I wasn’t really worried about the fish. However, I was worried about the shrimp that I want to put in this tank.
  8. Unfortunately, I am limited to how many gallons I have, I have a 5 1/2 gallon tank and I was planning to get some chili rasboras You know, I might be able to try that, and don’t worry I know all about remineralization
  9. Just a planted tank, with some neocaridina shrimp and chili rasboras, I live in the south of Louisiana, might what are used to be so soft and the pH was about 6 Someday in this year, I am going to get an RO system
  10. Surprisingly, no, I don’t know how there is no chlorine when I just added the water, but I did put some water conditioner seachem prime into the tank not too long ago I live in the very south of Louisiana,
  11. I was setting up my new tank, and then I tested the water in my tank. The parameters are off charts, I was putting my plants in and then I decided to do some tests, the water parameters turned out to be very very high, I bought some bio stratum, I heard it lowers the pH. Should I wait-and-see if the substrate works or should I remedy it right now? I should let you know that this is a new aquarium. I just set it up just an hour ago.
  12. UPDATE! I had changed my stocking idea, and I also ordered my plants so I will be setting up the aquarium in a few days as soon as I get my plants, The new stocking will be 6–8 chili rasboras 10 of either orange or red shrimp and one nurite snail and for the plant I’m getting from Dustin Fish tanks, dwarf sagittaria, water sprite, water wisteria, Java fern and some anubias Nana petite I will also be buying some frog bit from my local fish store, they sell them for cheap $3+ but I’ll only be buying a bundle of two and also check out the rimless tank I got, it even came with some foam on the bottom
  13. Stock update 3 male panda guppies 3 to 5 Rosie Loaches (male I’m hoping) 5 Painted fire, red cherry shrimp and 5 blue ramshorn snails I decided to go with all male panda guppies because I couldn’t find just male chilli endlers, I have realized that breeding in a 5 gallon is a no go, that’s why I’ve decided to only get three males. Thank you for all of your suggestions,
  14. Within that one month. I will have a grout tank for the babies.
  15. Thank you, all for your suggestions, I appreciate you all for the help. I did change a few things around. Thanks to the suggestions that I received and I’m going instead of Malaysian trumpets snails, gonna go with some Ramhorn snails. And I did not know that kuhli loaches can grow to such length, very unable for 5 gallon so I might go with a smaller feeder and might pick out a small group of them.
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