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  1. Thanks! I do have shrimps. So how do I kill it? I have no idea how it got in my tank…
  2. What’s this little creepy guy in my tank? Like a worm crawling all over the wall. Don’t know how could it get in the first place? Coming from a dead fish? Is it a parasite? Do I need to get rid of it? kind of scared. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! But quarantine seemed to make its condition worsen so fast. Sadly It died quickly after quarantine....
  4. This morning I found one ember tetra always floating on the surface. I tried to feed it, but it showed no interest. I feel like something is wrong with it. There is some discoloration in its belly. It has been in this tank for over a month. And all other fish (including ember tetras, green neon tetras, betta and pigmy cory) are doing fine. Anyone has an idea of this? Thanks ammonia 0.1 nitrate 0; nitrite 0; hardness 300; kh 80; ph 6.8; chlorine 0 This one is taking without flashlight this one with flash
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