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What is this little creepy guy in my tank?


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On 10/18/2023 at 8:02 PM, Jumpingintank said:

I do have shrimps. So how do I kill it?

 I have no idea how it got in my tank…

Physical removal is the only option. Most if not all planaria-X can harm shrimp


I have a few species of planaria in my tank and while they have stemmed my ramshorn population my shrimplets can move out of the way. Planaria are slow predators so they rely on slower prey. I still have about 10-15 adult ramshorns but the babies get eaten or go into hiding 


The planaria also make great fry or small fish food so a bit of the circle of life.

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I have used fenbendazole (panacur-c dog dewormer) with complete success and no I’ll affect on my shrimp. However it will be several months before the tank is snail safe. 

.1 mg / 10 gallons dose again in 24 hours. Let marinate for a week. 

They really are not that bad. They only are able to get the weak or molting shrimp. However if you overfeed they will multiply rapidly. Dense populations are harmful. 

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