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  1. Hi guys I've noticed that I have a few of these on the glass in my shrimp tank and after getting out my phone and taking some pics I cant see any eyes or the arrow head shape that you see online when trying to identify Planaria. I did have a decent amount of baby shrimp that have vanished so I've pulled what was left of my colony into a quarantine tank to hopefully protect from any more being eaten if they are Planaria.
  2. Thanks Fish Folk, These are the only fully black rams with really nice bright blue streaks that I've seen in our state so I scooped them up quick 😁 I've bred blue rams before and still have the pair now who are about to lay another lot of eggs. Their temperament is so different compared to the midnight rams lol. They are more skittish where the midnights will actually come up and bite my fingers when I feed 😂 I have 2 neon tetra in the tank for dither fish. Should I change these for something else or would they be fine? I always use Prime when doing water changes and do 25% every 3 days atm until I build my auto water change system. Once I do that I will be using RO water for all of my tanks.
  3. Thanks man ill jump on the journal and read it.
  4. Hi guys, I purchased a few midnight rams from a lfs around 2-3 months ago. There were 5 in total with two pairs and one by herself. Anyway I had set them up into separate 20gal breeding tanks with the usual dish, java moss and 2 didler fish, sponge filter etc. I've noticed in the last week a pair seems to have lost their bond? They were perfectly fine together since I put them in the 20gal and then one day they started sparring and the male was really aggressive towards the female. The female wouldn't take it either and would spar back at the male aggressively as well. I thought they might get over it but unfortunately they haven't and the male has beaten her pretty bad so I put the female into a fry box in the tank until I can get another tank ready for her. I've read on forums and heard Master Breeder Dean say in one of his videos, that these rams are either one way or the other, the greatest parents in the fish world or the most aggressive fish out there. So I'm not sure what I should do with these two. Are they able to work it out or will they continue to beat on each other until one dies? The other solo female that was included in the purchase ended up passing away and I think she may have been stunted since she was quite smaller then the other 4 and I don't really want to loose any of these other ones. What do you guys think I should do? I cant pop down to the local fish store and get more since these were the only ones they had and there is no more to buy in my state ATM. The last few they did get in a couple of weeks back weren't anywhere near as black or as big as the ones I have. Is there any chance I can save this pairs bond or is it gone? Here is the female. Here is the male
  5. I'm not to sure which one it would be. It was for sale on marketplace so she wanted 2 cos they looked really nice.
  6. Thanks Colu I will get to it. How long should the tank temp be raised for and will the temps affect her peppermint plecos?
  7. Hi all. My daughter got some new blue rams today and she put them in her community tank after she acclimated them. After i checked them out i noticed that they have a few little white spots on their fins. I'm guessing this is ich, so does she now need to treat the whole tank or can she take them out and treat them separately since they have only been in there for a few hours? Cheers Everyone
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