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  1. Thanks for all the feedback. Adding two new females did the trick!
  2. Sudofish, would you get a couple more to help him feel more comfortable?
  3. Hello all, I just added a male pearl gourami to my 75 gal tank. Tank has a few female powder blue gouramis, some honey gouramis, and a smattering of tetras. This is my first pearl. He has been staying very close to the water surface, over in one corner for the past several days. He eats just fine, but just seems.....very shy or timid, which surprised me since I thought they were more assertive fish. Everyone else is happy and zooming around. All water parameters are normal and tank has been established for a long time. Is this normal "oh my goodness this huge tank is overwhelming and I am a single PG" behavior? Thinking of picking up a couple more so he feels more comfortable. Perhaps two females? Or would you suggest two more males? TIA for advice on my new guy
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