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  1. Hello, fellow fish enthusiasts! I first caught fish fever in high school, and have kept tanks of various sizes off and on since then (20 years! My goodness). My particular interests are rainbows, gouramis, livebearers, cories, danios, tetras and dwarf cichlids. I've just set up two tanks again after a 2 year hiatus. The 25 gallon has 9 white clouds, 4 pygmy cories, one female peacock gudgeon (she loves her coconut hut) and 3 nerite snails. Through a series of unfortunate events I lost 3 gudgeons, but will try acquire more females in the not too distant future. The 29 gallon is a species only redtail goodeid colony. They have been great little fish so far. Currently there are 4 males and 11 females. They are not yet full grown but starting to color up. All fish were acquired locally. I'm planning on registering with the Goodeid Working Group as well. I'm looking forward to continuing to learn from you guys and grow in the hobby (space and budget permitting)!
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