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  1. I keep mine in sand. My juvie was bare bottom for the longest but now since it is nearing adulthood I transition it to sand. I have a metals allergy and copper is one of the metals so if the stuff you mentioned has a bit of copper in it then that would be a big part of why I've not considered using it that and too many people I've watched on YouTube warn against anything with metal in it for axies. So I remain cautious around stuff like that. But my experience with sand is my axies immediately spit the sand out if they do get some when slurping up a pellet or worms. Yeah they probably do ingest some of it but I've never had any issue with blockages yet. My best advice is would be bare bottom or sand as those would be the two easiest and safest options cleaning wise. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  2. So putting the filter beads on the bubbler definitely worked. My buddy is now in the tank and doing good
  3. Dang I already threw away after like 3 days. But I still have the filter balls I'll put those in the middle of the bubbles to get it circulating
  4. I already did that too. I mixed the old water with new conditioned water. I put the old filter media and those filter balls in there and let the media sit in there for days before taking it out and discarding but I've left the filter balls from original tank in there Idk what I'm doing wrong tbh
  5. I did get the 40 breeder gal. Unfortunately axolotl not currently in it because I can't get the nitrites and nitrates under control so far water changes and prime aren't working to lower them
  6. Thank you for you're advice I think I will go with the 40 gal then
  7. I'm currently leaning towards the 40 due to the water weight/structural integrity of the floors in my apartment, but I definitely wanna hear everyones thoughts
  8. So I'm trying to upgrade my axolotl to a bigger tank for more space to move. Currently being housed in a 35 gallon tank that is higher than longer, hence why I'm thinking about a longer tank. I only have one juvie axolotl. My debate is should I get a 40 gallon or 55 gallon. I know ultimately the 55 is definitely longer, but due to living on the 2nd floor apartment I'm also trying to think of water weight vs how much the floor can support. If I did get a 55 I'd probably only fill it halfway for that reason. Idk I can't decide. Can anyone help me with this decision? Pics of current tank and my adorable axie.
  9. Update he has refused to eat for 2 days now and I've offered many varieties of foods, more chucks have fallen from his mass leaving open wounds, and he is barely moving. I have made the decision to end his suffering and he will crossing the rainbow bridge tomorrow. Unfortunately I am such a an emotional wreck I had to leave college early today due to constant crying. Thank you guys for your support and kind words. He has been fighting the good fight with this growing mass since around the end of last year and no treatments have helped sadly. I asked him the other day to give me a sign if it was time and the next day(yesterday) he had spit out the food in the morning and then pushed his food away when it landed right next to his mouth at night and today he won't even go near any of the food no matter what different foods i tried. He has held on as long as his little body could now it's time for him to rest. I still have my tetras and snails I will probably add some more tetras since they are schooling fish and would probably benefit from more than just six in the tank. (Only had six due to my Betta). But I don't think I will get another Betta unless it's like a rescue situation. Hopefully everyone else's week is going better than mine.
  10. I've tried this melafix, I tried indian almond leaves, I've tried methalyne blue, I tried the fin rot medicine. It just keeps getting worse. These are the picture progression from day one to current. Im just so sad😭
  11. My Bettas mass has gotten bigger and I'm starting to wonder if he is in pain, if he is suffering, etc. He doesn't swim around as much anymore, he doesn't eat as much as he used to, and sometimes he struggles to get to the top for food or air. I put the floating plant you see in one of the pictures in to help him to stay close to top and nows that's where he spends pretty much his whole day. Everyone keeps telling me to try different and more meds but tbh before this last round of meds he was more active and stuff now after last round of meds not so much. He just finished his treatment of melafix as that is one of the treatments I can across to try for him. Now his mass looks like in the other pic where he isn't in the floating plant. Anyone have suggestions or opinions I am open to hearing them all. If it the end it is time for the peaceful sleep I will accept that decision even tho it will break my heart. I just don't want to watch him suffer if that's what is happening now
  12. The plants I have don't require root tabs. They grow in any type of substrate and even grow under low or high light. I got them from a friend who has the same plants in her tank. She cut some from her plants and donated to me. She was gonna donate a mystery snail to me too since she has a ton of babies at the moment, but the babies are too small and my Betta would probably kill them being that small. The current ones I have(nerites) do just fine and my Betta checks them out and the just swims away. I'm also sticking with nerites because they don't breed in fresh non-brackish water vs mystery snails breed like crazy.(sorry got side tracked lolz) but yeah the plants are growing fine without root tabs. But thanks so much for the advice.
  13. An underwater white and blue light combo from Amazon. Do I need to get a better one?
  14. This is the tank update how it looks now with the black sand insert stuff
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