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  1. Hi There, im pretty novice to fish breeding but ive done my fair share of breeding ricefish, zebra danios, CPD’s and have some other fish growing out for future projects. Im curious if anyone has bred for things such as faster fry growth rates? Especially with my ricefish fry ive noticed there’s a huge disparity in the size and growth rates of fry has anyone tried say pulling the top 5 or however many fastest growing fry and then breeding them together and then repeating for a few generations? And if so what were the results? I can imagine there could be problems with fish growing faster than they are “meant” too but there is probably also a sweet spot? not really planning on experimenting myself as i have limited space currently but the idea is interesting too me.
  2. I’ve tested with NT labs water test kit gh is 22 and kh is 8-9 im from the uk so unfortunately i cant get any of the coop gear yet my PH isn’t actually too bad at 7.8 from the tap and then usually settling at about 7.5 in the tank
  3. My water is 22dgh, I probably should have led with that, reckon that is okay?
  4. I always thought angelfish were more on the soft water side? Can they tolerate the harder water?
  5. Hey everyone, does anyone have any ideas on a good centrepiece fish for my 300 litre community tank so far its got 20ish zebra danios 8 whiteclouds 15 panda corydoras 1 fully grown super red bristlenose 6 honey gouramis the tank is heavily planted but unfortunately my water is hard as hell haha, so no really soft water fish unfortunately tank temp runs around 22 degrees and id like to keep to that temperature as the running costs of the heater is a problem already any recommendations?
  6. Wow thats a great name, guess it might be up to me to name them using those words because as far as I'm aware theres no more in the UK any suggestions on a nice name??
  7. Hahaa still better than mine i bet 😂
  8. So I've recently hatched these eggs and have 17 fry from a Japanese seller, hopefully the fry will grow to look something like the parent fish in the picture they were listed as “ryuushouhoushi” im aware that Ryu is dragon from my yugioh days as a child haha but other than that I'm clueless as to what this translates too! anyone on here speak Japanese and able to give me a hand also im from the UK so unfortunately you wont be able to get these imported to the US easily
  9. But what i wamt to know is if i put them together as a temporary thing, then i split them back up and say didnt harvest any eggs for a week or two, and then harvested eggs from the two respective groups would they be okay, or are they like guppies that hold the genetic material of all previous mates and so could no longer create “pure” lines
  10. Hey everyone! got into medaka breeding last year but so far ive only bred the orange strain ive recently ordered a fancy strain from Japan, theyre black bodies with a red head with long fins (pretty sure the name is red dragon but there was a bit of language barrier between me and the seller hahaa) but ive managed to get 17 fry from the eggs but the main question i have is once they have grown up could they be mixed with other strains if when it comes to breeding them i just seperate them back out from the other strains or are they like guppies where if you mixed two strains you would ruin the genetics even if you seperated them back out? hopefully ive explained that question well enough haha
  11. My display tank seems to be magic amd has zero algae, used to suffer from hair algae but made a few adjustments to my fertiliser schedule and now I haven’t seen a spot of algae in months would that be a problem for SAE’s?
  12. Ooo rainbow shiners is a really good call! I have got a 50 litre with about 15 CPD’s in my bedroom in that i was considering breeding, although i would worry they would be outcompeted for food. But i could always try them and then pull them out if its not workimg
  13. Second question of the evening! I've just ordered some expensive medaka ricefish eggs from Japan for £110 (I researched the seller and they seem legit) just curious on how people hatch eggs they have ordered i have hatched ricefish eggs before but they were just taken out of my pond attached to a plant any tips on getting a good yield and avoiding fungus
  14. I have accidentally bred about 100 zebra danios 😂 just from removing them from my quarantine tank and then sure enough 3 days later it was rammed with fry about 4 months old now so a couple of them could definitely join the mix
  15. Hey Everyone! any ideas on what to add to my planted community display tank? Its a 300 litre (80 gallon) the temperature is set to 22 degrees and the nitrates stay pretty low. so far it has 9 golden zebra danios 8 whitecloud minnows 15 panda corydoras 5 honey gouramis 1 big male Bristlenose heaps of cull cherry shrimp my water is stupidly hard so unfortunately no soft water fish all suggestions welcome!
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