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  1. Cinder blocks and wood 2x8 or 10’s work great. Cory did a video a long time ago and also somewhat recently in his new fish room.
  2. I clean my sponges in tap water all the time. There is enough bacteria in the tank itself that I never see a issue. (And when I say all the time it’s more like once in a while) lol
  3. @Fish FolkLooks awesome! Hopefully by the end of summer you will have some stunner guppies! What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?
  4. The med trio that aquarium coop sells a been tried and tested by aquarium coop thousands of times and should be just fine on your kuhli loach. Is it showing signs of illness?
  5. @Mako13 That’s looks awesome. Pending what your weather temp is you can do so much! Shrimp, rainbow fish, livebearers, cichlids, pleco the list is almost endless. Are you trying to breed for profit or just have some fun?
  6. That’s a great idea! Definitely the bigger the better. Ground probably is the best bet for insulation. Thanks for the info! I would love the updates. I’m definitely thinking of giving it a try without fish first just to see if it’s feasible. Plants would have to tolerate the heat as well. When I do go ahead with it I’ll record the data and start a thread on it.
  7. Welcome! One of the best parts about aquariums is all the different sciences in one! Congrats on the baby tetras!
  8. I think the number of fish you have is fine. The more fish you have the more maintenance it is so it is really up to what you can handle. The biggest challenge with bottom fish would be making sure they all get enough to eat. Once the algae runs out they will need constant feedings(especially the ottos). With the looks of the tank and the number of fish they should all be happy! For other fish I am a fan of smaller rainbow fish, they add good activity and color to any tank!
  9. You could also put a fan to blown on top of the water. It will help cool by evaporation as well!
  10. I’m hoping the ambient light and sunrise/sunset would be enough for low light. It would be on the concrete decking under the patio. I’m mainly curious on putting fish the can withstand high heat in hopes they breed ie rams, angels etc…
  11. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has experience with summer tubing in hot places. For example I live in the desert of Southern California where this week it’s 118-120F. (Normally it is around 110*F in the summer.) But could a summer tub under a patio work? I would like to start but I wanted to see if anyone had any tips or trick before I do. Thanks!
  12. It is a great night light, my daughter loves it and so does my son. Got to start them young!
  13. Thanks!!!! They are crypts! An assortment of wendtii, Beckettii “petchii”, and pick panther wendtii.
  14. Hi everyone! I’m in the Coachella Valley where is sunny and HOT! Here are some pictures I have of my tanks. Been in the hobby for years! Glad to see a forum like this Cory! Your the man! Here are some random pictures I have. Not a photographer by any means lol. These tanks are in my sons and daughters rooms
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