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  1. Thank you! I didn't realize that my fert choices didn't cover all the bases. I will get something new for sure!
  2. 125 Gallons. Flourish - I'm using about 5ml per week. Recommended dose would be 4x this amount but I have read that algae can become an issue if you use the full recommended dosage. Maybe I should increase? Flourish excel - I'm using 20ml daily. Recommended dose is around 12ml daily. Also use root tabs (seachem)
  3. Any chance you can tell if these plants are getting too much / too little light? I put some in 2 of my tanks. These are doing terrible and the ones in the other tank are doing really well. I added them to both tanks at the same time - about 6 weeks ago.
  4. Thank you. I am not running CO2. I use liquid carbon daily, liquid ferts and root tabs. I have another tank with 1 fluval 3.0 set at 100% and use liquid carbon / ferts and the plants are doing great. This tank that has the 2 lights has the same plants but they just aren't performing like my other tank. It seems it has to be the lighting. This tank with the 2 lights is 3 inches taller. Your plants do look better under the new light. That's for sure.
  5. Thank you. I will keep that in mind for my next purchase. Any idea what the 2 fluvals should be set at? They are right next to each other so should be lighting up the same area (I expect a lot of crossover)
  6. Are 2 Fluval 3.0 lights set at 50% equal to 1 set at 100%? I'm trying to figure out how to duplicate 1 light at 100% with 2 lights. Imagine a 48" long tank with 2 48" long fluval 3.0's on top of it (one right in front of the other). I'm guessing the 2 lights should be set at 50% each but need confirmation. Thank you.
  7. Did you end up getting these? How did they turn out? I'm considering them now. Wondering if they would be okay in 76 degrees.
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