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  1. Thank you for replying John, desperate for advice, i've also heard the Cherry Shrimp is difficult to breed, i've seen a river shrimp on e-bay what looks good will have to look into them as well. At the moment i'm looking at Daphnia, Ramshorn Snails,Louse, Shrimp( suggestions needed for a suitable easy to breed one),Scuds (if they wont take over) hopefully to harvest all these for my wildlife pond (goldfish in there what have bred as well) and to feed my Koi. If there's anything there what sets alarm bells or any other suggestions please let me know Thank you Tony
  2. Hi There, Newby here UK based, I'm looking at starting a Daphnia Culture in a 20 gallon tank to eventually feed my Koi and also to go in my Wildlife pond. I've read the excellent article on site but my questions are i'm planning on having it indoors but i also want to have freshwater shrimp in it to also feed my koi and the wildlife pond. Is this possible and if so need a suitable breed of shrimp ( what i can get hold of in the UK) Thank you in advance Tony
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