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  1. Ok. What food did you feed the adults and fry. Currently I feed me bristlenose cucumber, green beans, wafers, and repashy bottom scratcher. I heard that hypancistrus need more protein.
  2. What temp is best to breed? Best food to feed adults and fry? How many should I get? I have been breeding bristlenose plecos for a while. Just really like the look of the other ones and want to try something a little harder.
  3. Hello, I really have liked the L264, L333, and L134. I plan on breeding 2 of those. I don’t really have space for all 3 currently. Does anybody have any experience breeding any of those 3. How many is best. Where to get them. Thank you
  4. What are some good Breeder boxes for the fry. Im thinking I’m going to be doing 2 40 breeders and try to divide them into 3 sections.
  5. Hello all. I have a breeding rack I just setup. Im still working on getting the right tank sizes. I will be doing 6 10 gallons with one pair of ancistrus plecos in each. They will all be different kinds. What would be the best way for grow outs. I thought about 2 tanks 2(29g) or 2(40g) and just mix the fry. Any others ideas? I would like to have fry to their own tank I just don’t think that will be possible.
  6. Ok. I was looking at them but the shipping is ridiculous to my address so I was going to see if I can find it for cheaper somewhere else.
  7. Hi- I am looking for a pair of mini marble stingrays or teacup stingrays. Does anybody know of a place I can get a pair for a decent price?
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