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  1. Thank you for your help! I use 3 parts RO and 2 parts tap because that is what the fish store recommended since we do not have any added minerals to our RO unit. So the tap is used to balance it out. I'll buy a test kit and start narrowing down my kh and gh. I appreciate the advice
  2. Unfortunately she passed away. I am not sure what my gh and kh are but my ph is 7.2. When I do water changes I do 3 parts RO water and 2 parts tap. I fertilize my water every 3 days with easy green 3 pumps of easy green, two pumps of easy iron (both aquarium co-op), half a cap of seachem potassium, 1/3rd a cap of seachem phosphorus, and some prime when using tap water. For food I alternate between frozen bloodworms, frozen baby brine shrimp, hikari sinking wafers/algae wafers, viformo sinking tablets, and blanched zucchini. I have a 20 gallon with 6 panda cories, 5 zebra danios, 4 kuhli loaches, and 1 Columbian zebra pleco with a lot of red root floaters, Anubis, and Christmas tree moss. I have had my Mystery Snail for 9 months and it wasn't until before I went on vacation that she laid her first (and I guess last RIP) clutch so I thought she was doing good. In the future is there anything else I can do better to prevent this from happening?
  3. Thank you! I'll let her be and keep bringing her out for the smell test. I'm going to use RO water for my water changes since my tap has a fair amount of ammonia in it. I really hope she's just hibernating
  4. Hello! I just came back from vacation and my sister did a water change a week ago but forgot to plug back in the filter. So there was no filter going for 6 days but I did have a bubbler. All my fish seem fine and accounted for but my mystery snail is deep retracted. She does not smell but I've never seen her this far into her shell. How do I tell if she's hibernating or dead? Water parameters: nitrate: 40ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Ammonia: .25ppm I did a 40% water change yesterday and plan to do another 40% today with a gravel vac but I don't want to crash my cycle. I added extra prime to detoxify the ammonia but I am not sure what else I can do.
  5. Hello! 5 Days ago I bought a bamboo shrimp (first ever shrimp) for my 20 gallon. Yesterday I had a very hard time finding them and then today they were out in the open so I thought they were just exploring. But now they are acting very weird. For about an hour they were on their back flicking their swimmerets. But now they seem to have stopped flicking, they are twitching every 20 minutes or so, but still on their back. I have attached photos and videos. The pictures of them on their back where they are more pale is how they are now. But as you can see, they lost color in about 40 minutes. Is this a sign of molting or are they dying? Tank has been running since early September 2022 Nitrates: 25 ppm Nitrite 0 ppm Ammonia 0 ppm
  6. Thank you! I thought my cory catfish ate a lot but man those little Danios will eat themselves until they are perfect spheres and even then try to keep going!
  7. I have kuhli's on very small pebbles as seen in the picture (there is two, one just dug in the derpiest way possible). This is when I first got them and they were small, they dug very awkwardly but it was doable. Now that they are bigger they don't look as awkward but if I was to redo it, I would probably get sand. They don't mind the pebbles though I have a mix of the white pebbles shown and Seachem Flourite Black Clay Gravel. They don't mind either
  8. Here's a better side by side comparison and my water quality
  9. Hello! I noticed I have one very large Zebra Danio. All of the other ones look fine but is this a sign or bloat/constipation, egg holding, or just how they are built? In true danio fashion the little speedy guys are hard to get a picture of. I only feed them every couple days because I try to avoid having grapes with fins. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Update: I did a gravel vac, threw away my old filter, and kept a couple of those little worms in a glass jar with a lid and they have turned into flies. Does anyone know if panacur c works against fly larvae? They seem to be worms and it's a dewormer so I feel like it should work but I am not sure if all worms are created equal. I want them dead please!
  11. But . . . They're aaalllliiiiiiiive *Insert Frankenstein gif* They are wiggling and worming as soon as I pulled one out. How could they have gotten there? And how do I remove them?
  12. Hello! I just did my weekly water change and my monthly filter change and I notice there my filter pad is covered in tiny red worms! Does anyone know what these are?! I feed them frozen bloodworms, frozen baby brine shrimp, and viformo bottom feeder pellets. From my knowledge frozen bloodworms= dead bloodworms so does anyone know what they are?!
  13. Helena

    Panda help!

    I thought that too but my parameters are still: Ammonia: 0 ppm Nitrate: 10 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm (I am using the API liquid drops and I made sure to "wash" the tubes with a paper towel and damp ro water prior to testing)
  14. Helena

    Panda help!

    I did a 30% water change yesterday but I noticed that there are small bubble on the top of my water. This is on the opposite side of my air bubbler and I do not usually have bubbles on the top of my tank. Given that I just had a fish die from something I am not sure, does anyone know if this is a cause for alarm? I have bought aquarium salt, kanaplex and paracleanse but it has yet to come in. All of my fish are acting normal still. But is this a cause for alarm? Also I did notice that I buried the fish who died but in the little floating container I left it out on my counter for a day or so and when I came looked back, the floating plants I put in it (I thought it would be less harsh and stressful if I blocked some light) had a white film around the roots. I threw the plants away, got a new airstone and changed out the airline tubing but it was weird. I'm not sure if that's normal after a fish dies
  15. Helena

    Panda help!

    The panda was placed in the floating container using water from the tank and was given an airstone. Since it was just a container there was no filter to the water. Once the fish was laid to rest I did not pour the water back into the tank. That being said, I did notice suspicious activity from it 30~ hours prior to being quarantined. (suspicious activity being it avoiding food even when presented in front of it and then the white tuft on the fin) I will go and buy aquarium salt, kanaplex and paracleanse. I am also going to do a water change and vacuum just Incase I need to start treating
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