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  1. I hatched out a batch of brine shrimp and froze it in little cubes. After feeding today I left the tray out on the counter and they thawed out for several hours at room temp. Can they be refroze and still used ?????
  2. I have never had a pair of angels that raised the fry....until now. So couple questions, How long do you leave the fry with the parents and what's a good way to feed the fry while with the parents. Please forgive the plastic plants...it was a quick setup.
  3. I am wanting to set up a dwarf gourami tank and try breeding them. Resources say males have pointy dorsal fins and females have rounded. Looking at the ones I find for sale at the pet stores, they are labeled " Male Gourami " however all the fish in the tanks have rounded dorsal fins AND full color, making me wonder if they were all enhanced with male hormones. How do I pick males and females...Or should I get several and let nature take over ???
  4. Anyone have some ideas for DIY pleco breeding caves ... pics ??? Thanks
  5. I picked up a juvi zebra angel , it has really nice bars. In its quarantine tank it wasnt taking food (flake). after two treatments of fritz expel p, it will eagerly take feeder guppy fry, frozen blood worms, frozen shrimp but will not touch flake ( tetra ). Put it in 3 different tanks with different groups of fish and the same happens, eats anything but flake. How do I get it to take flake ??
  6. will polar blue and regular convict spawn ???? what would the fry be ???
  7. Quarantine them if you can while treating. One of mine went 5 weeks without taking a bite ! its now one of the biggest eaters in the tank and growing like crazy !
  8. Recently went through what your describing and tried EVERYTHING... Colu was right on, I think it was internal parasite in my case. Fritz Expel P turned it around in my tank. The sooner the treatment the better IMHO.
  9. Has anyone tried the Aqueon shrimp pellets ? Im thinking of using them in my cory breeding tanks ?????? Not as only food, but ingredients look ok for a daily feeder .
  10. My Aeneus cory have been spawning all week, so I have several floating hatch tanks going. Today they spawned all over one of the floating tanks. If I could train them to spawn INSIDE the floating tanks my job would be soooo much more easy !!!
  11. Just my 2 cents...... I use the 3/4 to 1 inch thick pink foam board from the home centers for my tops ( fish room ) holds in heat, easy to cut out for filters, cords, air line etc. cut opening for whatever size glass you have, let in light and slide to the side for feeding or maintenance, put your HOB where ever.
  12. Update to update ... I treated the two remaining angels with fritz expel per instructions, both regained eating and adding size in their quarantine tanks, however neither one seemed happy in quarantine. after 2 weeks of eating I moved them to the main angel tank and they both are thriving ! Looking back I should have started the fritz much earlier, I will know better if there is a next time ! THANK YOU !
  13. Not sure about the orange in the fins, but female convicts will have orange patches on their belly / sides. More dominant during breeding.
  14. My hambone golden Abby, not quite ready to get up !
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