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  1. This has been growing in the substrate of one of my tanks for a little while now. Fish seem unbothered and I recently gravel vacced so I probably disturbed it a bit. Any thoughts on what this is and whether I need to treat anything?
  2. The airloop sits behind my rack. here's a current diagram:
  3. I've put together an air loop for a my fish room, but have a question before I determine the final positioning of the air pump. Right now it would be very difficult to mount it near the ceiling. I would like to mount it about mid-way up the wall, with 3/4" tube hooking into the the air loop near the ceiling. My one question about this setup is whether or not I need to put a check valve in-line for every drop, or is there a solution where I can use some sort of larger check valve between the pump and where air goes in the loop?
  4. Thanks for the reply! I’ve been using easy green, one dose a week. But I r had it in the original rock wool all month. The root systems were all tangled, so I unwrapped them and pruned the stems of the dead leaves. Any tips on promoting recovery? Should I just trim it all down to the rhizome or leave some of the leaves that still have spots of green?
  5. I have some java fern that has been in a tank for about a month. It’s got a lot of black now—can it be saved?
  6. Ooh that looks just like it. I was freaking out a little because it reminded me of runny snot in consistency 🤮
  7. I have a couple of recently purchased bettas in 10g quarantine tanks. Running sponge filters and a couple of loose Java ferns that I had. This morning I noticed these white filaments on both filters. I recently did one pump of easy green for the ferns (in the last day or so). I hadn’t noticed the white stuff before. Is this hair algae? It’s so stringy, so I wasn’t sure...
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