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  1. @nabokovfan87 do you think if I put the yoga mat under the tank is would absorb that bow in the middle of the stand?
  2. What kind of stands do you use @nabokovfan87?
  3. I have the Angel is a small Betta tank by itself. Not with any other fish. I didn't want to put her in my son's 10 gallon with everyone else. The problem I'm having now is finding a stand that's in stock somewhere.
  4. I just took a level to the stand again. There is a bow in the center of front to back. I would say it's somewhere between an eighth and a quarter of an inch. That may have put pressure on the bottom center of the tank and overtime may have caused that issue. I guess I better find a new stand ugh. My time is just so limited now because I have to try to save the fish.
  5. Not sure the rubber mat will give me piece of mind. I have never had the concern of a tank leaking but now I will always be worried about it. Will the rubber mat just help level it out if it is a little off?
  6. I have not looked at the tank yet. It was dark when it all started so I have the tank sitting on my front porch with the substrate still in it until tomorrow. I will try to inspect it tomorrow and see if I can see anything. I know the tank was a little unlevel because the water on one side was slightly higher but not by much. But I never noticed it was off from the front to back. Before I set the new one up tomorrow I will make sure it's level all four ways. What do you mean with the yoga mat? You started that sentence with "If you aren't" Maybe I missed it but if I'm not what?
  7. Thanks @nabokovfan87 You were always so helpful when I went through all of my struggles when I first got my tanks going. I didn’t take any pictures or anything. I was panicked because we have hard wood floors. I didn’t even think about putting the fish in a bucket instead of into another tank. I have the tank on a piece of furniture that is very flat. I looked at that tonight after I read that an unlevel surface could cause a seal to fail. But I put a level on it tonight, with the tank off of it, and it is very flat. There may be like a 32nd or so of space in the middle but very slight. Now, I don’t think it bows with the tank on it but I’m not 100% sure. But it lasted a little over a year with that setup. Could it just have been a faulty tank? I plan to call Aqueon in the morning. They were closed tonight when this all went down. I’m hoping they will do something even though I can’t wait on them to get another tank but the replacement 29 by itself is only $40 at Petco right now. I thought about changing the tank because I am Leary of getting another Aqueon tank but it’s more cost efficient right now to just replace the tank since I have all the other accessories for it. The stand top that it was off is sealed so it should be fine.
  8. I only have a small amount of the water that came out of the tank. The tank itself still has some water in it that should keep the substrate wet overnight I would think. I have the piece of driftwood in a bucket but it doesn’t have any of the tank water in it. Should I put it in regular treated water?
  9. So this evening I was heading to bed and as I walked by my 29 Gallon Aqueon tank, I noticed a puddle on our wood floor. I then realized that water was gushing from one of the bottom corner behind that black plastic. I have never had this happen before. We have had that tank for just over a year. Got it April 29th of last year. We relocated the smaller fish, 6 Cardinal Tetras, 3 Harlequin Rasboras and 2 Otos to my son's 10 gallon tank and put our Angel Fish in a small betta tank for the night. I put an air stone in the little tank with the Angel. I have ordered a replacement tank from Petco that I will be able to pick up in the morning but I am nervous about getting the same tank and if this happens again. I am also nervous about filling the new tank and putting the fish back into a non-cycled tank. But I have the old tank so I will replace all the rocks and the driftwood, and I still have some water in the filter with the same media. Will having these old rocks and items help it cycle faster? I'm only really concerned about my Angel fish. The others.....meh! Thanks!
  10. Mark C.

    White Area!

    Hey, thanks for the reply. I only noticed the spot the day he started swimming funny and died the next day. I have very low KH so it's buffered with crushed coral in the HOB filter so my PH stays around 7 and my Nitrates are around 30 ppm. Zero for the Ammonia and Trites. I'm just worried about the other fish in the tank, mainly my angel fish. They are acting fine and I don't see any discolorations on them at all. They are all eating fine. Should I treat the tank with someone just as precaution?
  11. Mark C.

    White Area!

    Hey everyone, one of my Harlequin Rasboras has this white area on it's back and doesn't look like it will live because it's having trouble swimming. Anyone know what it could be and if I should be concerned for my other fish? Do I need to treat the tank with something?
  12. Naw I’m not having an issue with Trates getting super high quickly. It takes a good two weeks to get up there above 40 ppm
  13. So should I just get another mystery snail or two instead of trying to get any other algae eating fish? I’m having bad luck obviously. And the wafers I was feeding are the Hikari Wafers.
  14. Yeah the plants and the other fish are doing great! The plants are eating the Trates up. Even dosing easy green, It takes two weeks for the Trates to get up to 40 or 50 ppm.
  15. Nope. Water is great! Zero Ammonia. Zero Trites and about 30 to 40 ppm of Trates. Maybe I’ll just stick with snails.
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