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Greetings from South Dakota!

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Relatively newbie fish nerd here. I've been following Aquarium Coop since maybe four to five months and that just opened a door to Fishtube for me. I use to have small 10 gal tanks as a kid and broke back into the hobby with a tiny betta tank. I had my female betta for 6 months to a year before she passed, long before I found the Coop. I didn't know what I do now and realize the tank was too small and that my tap water is very hard and has 1 ppm ammonia in it so I believe that was a likely cause for her death. 

I learned a ton from Aquarium Coop and others online and set up a 30 Gal Long  guppy tank filled with live plants and now some new babies. It has cherry shrimp, mystery snails, bladder snails, guppies, and amano shrimp. Just gravel substrate, with root tabs, some dragon stone, and driftwood. It has a Fluval 3.0 plant light and just a sponge filter.


I've got a 20 Long with a matten filter, lightly planted, and with some ramshorn snail hitchhikers. I plan to make it a shrimp tank when I can get a few more plants in there and some cash for the shrimp. It has a stingray light that works pretty well for such a shallow tank, eco-complete substrate, and gray elephant stone.


I also have two twenty gal high dirted tanks that I'm experimenting with. I have soil capped with pool filter sand and some river rocks. Lighting is a cheap $24 shop light and no filter or air. I'm trying the Walstad method here so they are just now going through their long cycle period. I plan to put whiteclouds or maybe celestial pearl danios in these as the whiteclouds can handle lower temps. 



I'm currently planning a 10 gal betta tank that i'll heavily plant.

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Nice setups! When I have a spare brain cell I'm going to try the Walstad method with a tank I have going downstairs. I'm working on resealing a 55 gallon tank and rearranging my house to get a 125 in my new fish room. I mean foyer. Yes foyer, thats what I meant 😂

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4 hours ago, David Ellsworth said:

Nice! I think any spare space/room can get classified as a fish room when a person really gets into the hobby.

I hope to get myself a 90 gal soon, but all the little bits to get it going will take longer to pick up. 

If only there was spare room. I'm going to have to let go of some old passions I think. But you can't grow if you hold on to the past. And I'd rather have the fish.

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