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How long should I wait after Columnaris outbreak?


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After a long battle with┬ácolumnaris, I lost 10 of my 12 guppies. ­čś×

They were in a receiving tank and went through one round of ParaCleans, Ich-X and Maracyn, as well as two rounds of Maracyn Two, and aquarium salt. The surviving two are doing great, but I am very hesitant to stock anything else. 

What is a good time period to wait to ensure that I don't get another outbreak?



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Sorry to hear about the fish loss! I wish I had an answer, but I'm actually really curious myself since I seem to have chronic, mild columnaris on at least one fish in each of my livebearer tanks at any given time, no matter how often I change water or how aggressively I treat the external infections.

I'm glad they were at least in a quarantine tank. I definitely think the two survivors should stay in quarantine for a bit longer just to make sure they're clear. If there's just one male and one female, you might want to get a few more females to reduce the stress, but otherwise I say just let em chill for awhile before adding any more fish.

Common wisdom is that an ounce of prevention's worth a pound of cure for bacterial infections. Keep the water pristine, keep the salt level elevated while they're in quarantine and otherwise just stay on top of aquarium maintenance. But I hope there are more specific answers, because I'd like to know, too!

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