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Hello all,

I have an empty 150 gallon stock tank. I was going to begin my 3rd fancy goldfish colony, however I do have 2 other 150 gallon stock tanks with fancies, so I’d like to go in a different direction. As for filtration, it will have a XL sponge filter rated for 200 gallon that is currently running in another stock tank. It will also have a 4” Hygger air stone. It will have a black sandy bottom with tons of Val, and other plants to come (still undecided). Question is, is this adequate for a school of about 6 dojo’s? Are they escape artists? I was also thinking of starting with 1 dojo and stocking heavily with Goyder river rainbow fish. Anyways, any thoughts, feedback, or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly, Manny 

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