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API Fungus Cure for fin rot


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Never used fungus cure specifically to treat fin rot. It also depends on what is causing the fin rot as it could be bacterial or fungal. I've had good luck with erythromycin for bacterial fin rot and Mardel's maracyn. For products we've had success with, check here: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/collections/fish-medicine. But, one of the best cures for fin rot in my experience is dosing salt and doing many water changes to keep the water pristine for healing.

Perhaps people have had other experiences, but I rarely use api brand meds anymore as I have not had great success with them and always end up having to double dose which is hard on fish. I much prefer a more gentle approach on fin rot with salt and clean water and move on to heavier stuff if my fish just can't kick the fin rot for some reason. Then I'd do an anti-fungal (ich-x) + antibiotic (erythromycin). ❤️ 

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