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Help-Adding Plants to my Fish Only Tank

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Been fish keeping a long time, almost exclusively salt.  Recently inherited a 35Gal Hex with glow fish, angels, and Julii cats.  Was looking to add some live plants, and have recently purchased a Nicrew Classic LED G2 and Nicrew Classic LED Planted Plus lighting system, don't know which one i'll keep.  My question is with standard pea sized stone already in the tank, didn't want to switch out substrates, would I simply use the easy green and the easy root tabs?  Also, I typically do weekly 10% water changes and have been vacuuming half the gravel bed.  I'm assuming with the root tabs and live plants that means no more to the gravel vacuuming?


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Well it sorta depends. Some plants are heavy root feeders, and some plants are water column feeders. I sorta prefer the water column feeders, as I like you am pretty well versed with fish and am new to plants, and I also use gravel substrate. Water column feeders are usually hardier and easier than root feeders. Some great water column feeders are anubias, java fern, java moss. You can either glue them to decorations or tie them with some fishing line, and they will attach themselves to your hardscapes. No root tabs needed, just liquid fertilizer. I still gravel vac, but with the few plants that do grow roots into your substrate (depending on how they are positioned). I just lightly skim the surface around them, like I am vacuuming sand substrate to ensure i dont damage the roots. There are also floating plants that hang out at the surface with roots hanging down in your water (those plants are pond plants and like very little surface agitation). My advice is do a little research on what you think you might like, and what you think would fit your tank needs. If in doubt, ask others on this forum. This community is an amazingly helpful resource. 

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