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acrylic tank setup question

Jason L

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hello my name is Jason I am setting up my first acrylic tank. with a new stand i built, Do i need a pad on the bottom of my tank? 

tank dimensions are 22"x22"x8" with 3/8 thick sides and base thanks in advance 20200810_064454.jpg.b6ebf981c6f0d3a625caa2fb45210537.jpg20200815_113426.jpg.a7c9ef0f04fe00857790f2fa2f1eee97.jpg



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That stand looks really cool!

It looks to be welded out of steel, when you put it in place be sure the top is level and flat. Then if you want to be extra sure that the tank will sit flat with just a bit of padding you can get some thin 1/8" black weather striping tape. Get the type that is peel and stick with adhesive on one side only. I would say put down a strip of it on each of your cross tubes and then set the tank in place. Once filled the foam will flatted some but also level out any small inconsistency in level.

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