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Help dry start

Nick L

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I think the problem is most of us don't do dry start and don't know. I do garden. I do start seeds and so on, and when you get mold it means a lack of ventilation. If you have mold in a few isolated areas you can try upping the ventilation and then manually removing the moldy bits. you may have more luck trying to search for mold solutions in terrarium building. What plants are you working with, and how long have they been in, how big are they? Can you post a photo?

Personally, I considered a dry start method at the very beginning, but now I do not think I would ever do that--I have learned too much to think it would be a very good idea in most cases, and I am struggling to think of a situation where it makes sense. Once the plants have been started dry, they will have to convert when you flood and mostly I feel you will lose the ground you gained by starting dry to begin with.

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