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Identifying plants - need help please.


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New to plants in the last few months. I have two in my tank that I am not sure of. Owner was not out my local pet store when I got them. He is the plant guy and their labels were not with them.

Both are stem plants. Green one is doing good, no real new growth. Red one has lots of new growth at the top of each stem.

I am slowly working on my algae issues as well, but will take any help. Just added to Bristlenose yesterday. I have also added a sponge filter along with my hang on back to help with some water movement. 

Yes, I have some floating plants. Cat had a swim in tank today and going to wait another day or two before going in again. Fish have had enough fun for today.

In Canada so not able to get all the same treatments and such as you fine folk in the states.





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Your pink-ish plant looks like it's either Alternanthera Rosanervig or Alternanthera Reineckii. I can't identify the green plant in the first photo, but all stem plants seem to do a lot better when you use root tabs to fertilize them. And aqua soils seem to produce more robust plants than just using a rock gravel, except for the Alternantera. I have grown that in a rock substrate like you have and it still grew like a weed. 

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