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Hi everyone, just needing a little advice ... I have Blue Rili and Snowball Neocaridina. I just got the 10 Snowballs last Thurs, and I know at least 3-4 have died since, but now I can only see 3 at a time. Also, one of my blue rili died since adding the snowballs. I drip acclimated them and aside from 1 dieing the first 24hrs, they seemed fine. They seem happy until there's suddenly another dead one. 😔 Plenty of algae to graze on, temp 78, ph 7.5, kh between 120-180, gh about 180. What am I doing wrong? 😟






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1 hour ago, James Black said:

I have never owned neocaridinia shrimp before, but what I can tell you is that the API Test Strips are very unacurate, I would go for the API Master Test Kit or the Tetra Test Strips.

That's what I was told on FB aquarium support. I just purchased one on Amazon.

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When you said you just got them, I was reminded of the last thing I was going to get but decided against it, being December, and them being really temperature sensitive. I was going to get neocaridina pumpkin shrimp.

Not sure if you ordered them or drove them from a store, but if your water conditions were good, I'd guess temperature shock. The 1 that you already had that died may have been effected by the other dead/dying shrimp in the tank. 

Hard to say though, as some of the strains are kinda sensitive. 

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