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Disease Unknown


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Hi guys, 

Just about a week or so ago I noticed that one of our female Red Top Hongi had started to develop some sort of white fungus or something that I have not seen before. It wasn't very noticeable at all, and at the time I just made a mental note and decided to keep an eye on it. 

Fast forward to this morning, and I am almost certain that over the past couple of days her condition has worsened. As you can see in the images, the area in question is primarily on the upper lip, and though I'm not certain, it looks as if it could have some dimension to it, as opposed to being flat up against the fish. But like I said, I can't get a good enough look or picture to confidently say to. 

The few Google searches I performed in an attempt to identify the problem led me to believe that it is either bacterial or fungal. Unfortunately, both require different treatment, therefore positively identifying the issue is critical. Based on the image attached, can you help me figure out what is wrong? 

Seasoned, 45-Gallon Tank w/ an overstocked population of Mbuna Cichlids. Heavy filtration, w/ mechanical, and biological that has proven to be able to handle the bioload. 

Water Parameters-

Temperature- 79°F

Nitrite- 0 ppm

Nitrates- 10-20 ppm 

Ammonia- 0 ppm 

Thank you in advance ☺ 


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