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Help for Electric Blue Acara

Tracy Honeycomb

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I brought my daughter's eba home last month to see if I could help him. Since purchase, he had the quarantine med trio, after being put in his home tank he started acting unwell, hiding, not eating, pale, skinny and not growing. He had a round of maracyn and 2 rounds of para-cleanse. He wasn't improving after some time, so I brought him home with me, put in quarantine, did a round of para-cleanse, next week maracyn, then two weeks later another round of para-cleanse. He did eat some. I put him in my tank with my eba, he seemed to perk up, no hiding, social, eating. He is still pale, not growing and his poop is segmented between normal color and white. He as been medicated so much in 6 months I don't know if more is the answer. I'm at a loss with this one. Any ideas as to what could be wrong? 

Nitrates- 20   nitrites-0   GH- 150ppm. KH -120ppm   PH - 7.2

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