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  1. Just what the title says. I'm new to cichlids so I don't really know what I should do, if anything. The blood parrot just laid eggs a few days ago, and allowed the acara to come in and out of the cave she spawned in, which I thought was odd. Then the acara started showing off for her, doing little flicking dances and staying close to her. Now they're lip locking. Will it resolve itself, and just keep an eye on them? Should I move him outright? I'm worried about him hurting her.
  2. We keep and breed mostly small tropical fish. But when we first came across the Electric Blue Acaras in our LFS, we got a "fish crush" and determined to get some . . . and try to get them to make more! We bought 4x moderately small, and fortunately a pair formed. Here are our breeding journals prepared for our fish club BAP. The Andinoacara pulcher is a sweet, colorful, mostly peaceful mid-sized cichlid.
  3. Just moved two batches of EBA fry to their new 55 gal. grow-out. They’re tiny now, but someday lookout! here’s mom & dad...
  4. Hello Everyone, A couple months ago I purchased two electric blue acaras. I ran them through a quarantine session and then added them to my main display tank with a bunch of community fish. One of them seems be very outgoing, growing pretty rapidly and thriving. The other one is not growing very fast all, and seems to be a bit more shy. When I got them they were both the same size and now the one that is growing is double the size of the other. The smaller one does seem to eat, but also seems to be a bit more picky with the food. I have moved the smaller one into a smaller tank by itself to try to target feed it and put some growth on it. Any suggestions on why this one is growing so much slower than the other and how to speed up the growth on it?
  5. Hi my electric blue acara just laid eggs about 36 hours ago. It's the first spawn. They are sort of turning white, does that mean they are rotting? Mom is still guarding them.
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/Cichlid/comments/j99zf6/their_heads_turned_white_today_this_is_a_week/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share i posted about it on reddit and got mixed feedback. Tank params are 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 10 nitrate, 7.8 ph, 76 degrees. I added what looks to be the opposite sex to what I have now and after a week their heads were white and then faded in and out. Any help is appreciated!
  7. 12:30 am. Left the light on tonight for these guys... Will check for eggs in the morning. They’ve been doing this since 9 pm. Not entirely sure why Electric Blue Acaras aren’t terribly popular ... maybe unsavory rumors about their origins? Well, I think they’re really attractive!
  8. So I have a dilemma. I have Electric Blue Acara eggs that showed up unexpectedly in my 40 breeder. The parents have been diligently guarding them, and they appear viable. They are about 3 days old, so I expect them to hatch soon, and the parents have been digging little hollows to put the fry in in preparation. Their only tankmates are a cloud of mutt guppies who are curious but not gutsy enough to challenge an acara. They have been SUUCH good parents. I bought a Ziss EZ Breeder box because I would really like to grow out the fry, and I did not expect them to be this successful. I assume that if I left the fry with the parents they would raise them for 2 weeks and then possibly eat them and spawn again. So I think I should pull the rock, but I kinda want to see if they will raise them? Ahhh, decisions decisions. The fry will be easier to target feed in the box, and I would get more to adulthood maybe. But if they can raise them to the brine shrimp eating stage I would be able to catch the fry in a few weeks before the parents spawn again...And it would be easier maybe? Thoughts? Suggestions?
  9. Hello all I have not seen this before and need help before it kills my fish. I thought it was Ick but it has not responded to IchX, been treating for 5+ days. I also added maracyn to the water thinking it was bacterial, it has been two days on maracyn no improvement. Have any of you seen this before and can tell me how to get rid of it. It is only on my electric Blue Acaras. I tried to get the best picture I could, it is alot of tiny white dots on fins of fish. I do not see any of this on my tiger barbs or bristle nose plecos.
  10. Hello everyone. I have one electric blue acara that only swims In a corkscrew motion. Still eats and still can move up and down in the water column. I dont think it is a swim bladder issue. When it gets tired it lays with a list to the right. Any thoughts? It is in qt with general cure right now. I did test tank conditions and found 0 across the board. All other fish seem to be fine. I will get a video tonight if it will help. Thank you for any help.
  11. Hello, I have a 55 gallon tank. stocked with a blood parrot, an electric blue acara , 5 boesemani rainbow and 6 congo tetra, and a small bristlenose pleco I was wondering if i can add another EBA. nitrates currently arent an issue, and aggression is not a problem either. thx
  12. I'm going to get my Electric Blue Acara today and I am giddy with excitement! I know it is silly but I love getting a new fish and watching them grow up. I only have a single tank (a 55) and it is well established so I don't get to buy new fish very often. My shortest lived fish is my Colombian Blue Tetras and they are still 3-5 years so I don't get a lot of turn over. Which is good and bad. I mean, I love watching my fish mature and develop all their own personalities, but new fish are like new puppies! So, yeah, I'm like a kid at Christmas right now. I've never had a EBA, but everyone here spoke so highly of them that I can't wait to see how it goes. I'll post updates. Cheers!
  13. Was just feeding this tank a tasty feast of frozen foods, when I noticed that the 2nd largest adult was not eating. Strange! Turns out she’s guarding a nest of eggs. Normally we’d pull and hatch... but time not allowing us to raise so many fry, just going to let them be.
  14. Hello every, I am new to the community and relatively new to the hobby (3-4 years). I spend hours watching fish videos/streams, reading posts on forums, and online articles. So I am knowledgeable but lack a bunch of practical knowledge from others on forums that have been doing this for decades. Anyway I have MTS as many people do. I am in the process of setting up my man cave / fish room and I have a 5 foot 125 gallon tank sitting in my garage waiting for the room. I have gone through about 80 revisions of how I want to set this tank up. Here is the recent crazy idea that I was wondering if it would work. I want to do a planted tank with primarily epified plants such as java fern with maybe a few crypts tucked into rocks. I have this idea to build it so that the light is bright with big shadows. I think I can accomplish this with large drift wood and using a single LED spot light hung over the top of the tank. I would have a section of the top covered in floating plants. To also add to the dramatic shadows. The stocking is maybe the crazy part. I want to go back to the first fish I loved and that is the honey gourami. I had a pair of wild type honeys that I loved watching. Some of you might think I am crazy but I want to do like 20+ honey gouramis in place of a tetra or barb. I have read that they are very social fish and I can't see why they wouldn't work in a large group. The next crazy part is I would love to have them with a group of 5 electric blue acara. I feel like the honeys would be big enough to not be food for the EBA. They also preferred to hang out under my floating plants when I had them so I predict they stay away from the EBA. I would probably want to put my 6 panda Garra in there as well as my king tiger pleco forgot the L number sorry. Any problems you all can see coming up with a set up like this? Also would a bamboo shrimp get destroyed by the EBA?
  15. This is the fifth batch a baby acaras. It’s a shame I can’t post the video. I’m thinking of getting a tanks just for the parents. But in a community tank they almost always end up as fish food. So I just added some temporary lava rock as hiding holes and as a wall to keep the kribensis out.
  16. I brought my daughter's eba home last month to see if I could help him. Since purchase, he had the quarantine med trio, after being put in his home tank he started acting unwell, hiding, not eating, pale, skinny and not growing. He had a round of maracyn and 2 rounds of para-cleanse. He wasn't improving after some time, so I brought him home with me, put in quarantine, did a round of para-cleanse, next week maracyn, then two weeks later another round of para-cleanse. He did eat some. I put him in my tank with my eba, he seemed to perk up, no hiding, social, eating. He is still pale, not growing and his poop is segmented between normal color and white. He as been medicated so much in 6 months I don't know if more is the answer. I'm at a loss with this one. Any ideas as to what could be wrong? Nitrates- 20 nitrites-0 GH- 150ppm. KH -120ppm PH - 7.2
  17. Would a 29 gallon tank be sufficient for breeding the Acara? At this time they are juveniles, about 2"-3", but they have spawned a couple times in the past. But then they're in a community tank and the babies become fish food.
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