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Shrimp tank


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Hi all,

New to the forum but I could use some expert help with some new shrimp I recently bought.

The tank just has shrimp and bladder snails in it. I ordered two shipments of shrimp about one month apart. Both blue dream velvet shrimp from the same dealer.

The second shipment I could see parasites on the shrimp (received a refund). The shrimp had white worms wiggling on their head plus one is covered in almost a fungus looking stuff. I now realize that that same fungus looking stuff is on the tank glass from the first shipment of shrimps (half of those ended up dying and the rest are pale). 

The sellers recommended I treat the whole tank with API general cure. However, today is the third day in the medicine and I still see shrimp with both types of things on them and the treatment is suppose to be done tomorrow.

Should I try a different medicine/medicines?

Water parameters:

Ammonia/netrite: 0

Nitrate: about 10

Ph: 7.4

Kh: 7

Gh: 6

Water temperature: 75°F

10 gallon tank with aquarium co-op sponge filer and driftwood, live plants, and bladder snails.



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I couldn't get a good picture of the worms on the head but the seller ( nice guy, prompt response back and they totally didn't need to refund the whole order since most of the shrimp looked good) said the worms were Scutariella japonica. This picture is probably the best I could get. Most of the worms disappeared after the first day in my tank and I'm removing the molts to get any eggs. I only see one shrimp with one worm right now. I'm mostly concerned with the shrimp with vorticella/fungus? Plus it's on the glass of the fish tank.



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I did a little research, and saw a recommendation to put the infected shrimp in a net, then dip it in two cups of water with 1 tablespoon of aquarium salt dissolved in it.  Leave it for 30 seconds (with the shrimp still in the net), then remove it and put it in a container with tank water for a few minutes.  That's supposed to make them fall off.  Repeat several times and then return it to the tank.

I hope this helps.  I've had shrimp for a while now, and got them from a variety of sources, and luckily haven't had any problems so far.

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Thank you for your response, JettsPapa.

I had read about the salt bath, but I was hoping the API general cure would get anything in the water. By the time I had purchased aquarium salt, the shrimp with just one worm on it's nose died and the other one looks like it's going to die tonight. 

Any other ones I see with the same thing will get a salt bath right away. I'll just have to keep the water clean in the meantime and hope none of the others becomes ill.

The others have been molting right and left and one female just had eggs so hopefully that's a good sign of a healthy tank.

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