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How to introduce new Angelfish to alone Angelfish in 90 Gallon


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I unfortunately lost the mate of adult fully grown Angelfish. Now the male is just by himself, lone Angelfish, so I would ideally like to give him company. It is community tank, but he is the boss of the tank, only other larger fish are two blue Acaras. The tank is also heavily planted so there is plenty of hiding places.

I have read about that the best way to introduce new Angelfish would be to get young ones, that are clearly smaller than him. Probably 3-5 of them. This way he would not view them as threat, and no one would be singled out by aggression. However when they get older, and they form pairs I am afraid of breeding madness unless having enough them somehow helps here?

I've kept other type of cichlids before, and usually having a lot of them divides aggression enough for there not be huge issues, but I do not have practical experience with a lot of Angelfish. Problem is there is a LOT of information and misinformation in the net, and doing research is hard as its often conflicting.

So I try my luck with Co-op forums as Ive seen quality and effort Cory and Dean put to the content. Ive seen plenty of Dean's videos, but he doesn't of course go into this very specific scenario. But perhaps there might be people here with very long history with Angelfish to offer some guidance and thoughts.

Thanks for reading this! I hope someone has tons of experience to share!

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if you only add 3 more angelfish chances are slim that you will have a pair, and if you do you'll have one pair. I agree with the method of adding 3 of them rather then 1 of them. You are almost gaurenteed a pair if you have 8 angels in a tank. and 6 you might be able to get a pair. and then below 5, chances are slim. 

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