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dwarf chain loaches

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Hi folks,

Next project is a complete re-scape of one of my 90 litre (20ish gallon US I think) CPD/ Emerald dwarf Rasbora tank.

Complete reset, new substrate, plants etc...

I've always wanted dwarf chain loaches in there but never fancied catching all the cherry shrimp but as I'm going to have to do it anyway then why not go for it right?

a couple of questions first,

I'm assuming the CPD's and emerald dwarfs will be fine? (there are never any fry in there as the eggs get eaten almost instantly) I'll be setting up a couple of temporary 5 gallon tanks while the re-scape is done with pea gravel substrate which will also capture plenty of eggs to bolster the numbers as a side project 🙂

How are dwarf chain loaches with nerite snails and Amano shrimp? I have plenty of other homes for them and I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Also I have plenty of pest snails to feed but what other foods should i be feeding them? already feed the tank live grindal worms, daphnia and BBS, frozen cyclops, and crushed bug bites and vibra bites. I always have frozen bloodworm in the freezer for my tanks with Cory's in.

Thanks in advance as always



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I don't have any experience with them but I started googling because I was curious and it turns out Aquarium Co-Op actually has a care guide for them!


I think for me I would probably avoid the nerite snails in the aquarium, but I'm not sure about the amano shrimp. It doesn't look like the guide recommends feeding snails exclusively but rather recommends feeding many ommunity foods; I think what you have on hand sounds good!

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